My Top 10 Lush Products


Lush has become such a home to me over the last three years that I've been working for them in one of the shops. I absolutely love my workplace and the people there and the customers and the ethics I get to share and be an ambassador for while I'm working. A lot of you guys have asked me through my instagram about which Lush products in particular are my absolute favorite and so I'm really excited to share that with you today! I obviously enjoy using lots of products from all different brands, but there are also SOO many Lush products I love so it was a bit tricky to narrow it down but I think I managed. Please let me know if you have any questions about these or any other lush products or about working for lush or anything at all!


Enzymion Moisturizer: This moisturizer is the perfect combination of hydrating, brightening, and lightweight for day time for me. It also sits extremely well under makeup and doesn't clog my pores but also doesn't leave me feeling dry or dull mid way through the day.

Celestial Moisturizer: This is my go-to night time moisturizer because it's a bit richer and always leaves me waking up with an amazing glow! It smells like vanilla also which is always a plus. I've used this during the day too, and honestly it's probably my #1 fav Lush skincare product. 

Ultrabland Cleanser: This is the newest thing to my rotation from Lush and I put off picking it up for so long because I was nervous it would be too rich for my skin and cause breakouts but when I inspected the ingredients a bit closer there is nothing comedogenic in there so I decided to give it a shot! I'm so glad I did because this cleansing balm does not irritate my eyes or cloud my vision, and it emulsifies all my makeup on contact and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft after I remove it, without leaving a residue. My biggest tip with this is to use only a very small amount. A little seriously goes so far, and I always follow this up with a second cleanser. 

Enchanted Eye Cream: My favorite thing about this eye cream is that it does not irritate my eyes. I don't ask for miracles form an eye cream as I just don't have many significant skin issues under there, I just want moisture and not to experience irritation or millia and this one really meets those needs for me so I love it!

Eau Roma Water Toner: I talk about this so often on my instagram I almost feel bad but it's just that good. The florals in here are great at hydrating, calming, soothing, and reducing redness in my skin which is pretty much all I ask of a mist like this one and this one it smells so good (like fresh roses) and is a great value for the size of the bottle. I use this everyday morning and night and keep a mini in my bag at all times. 

No Drought Dry Shampoo: No Drought is the perfect dry shampoo for environmentalists or people with dark hair because it's non-aerosal and made out of post consumer recyclable plastic and a little bit goes SUCH a long way it never leaves an ashy or grey cast in the hair. 

Tank Battle Perfume: I don't want to get crazy with this one but this may be my favorite perfume of all time. It's definitely not for everyone and it's definitely a bit weird I love it and find it so fun but also empowering and a bit sexy to wear. The notes are bubblegum, spray paint, and rusted metal and I really do smell all those things in there and they come together SO WELL. Tragically, unless you're in some parts of Canada, NYC, or the UK, this guy is only available online but I gotta say.. if those notes sound intriguing to you, this may be worth picking up blind. 

Charity Pot Body Lotion: You can not go wrong with Lush's body lotions and the difference between them and other's on the market, even other luxury ones, to me, is huge but Charity Pot is extra special. It smells like rosewood and vanilla and is full of so many incredibly nourishing ingredients (aloe, moringa oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter, to name a few) that I really notice a difference in the hydrating, evenness, and overall health of the skin on my body. Also, 100% of what you pay for it goes to grass-roots charities all over the world. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel: I like all of Lush's shower gels honestly and  unfortunately this one, which is my all time fav, is only available during Christmas, so personally I'd recommend stocking up then if you're a fan of beautiful, sweet, fresh, rosey scents. However, some of my favorite all year ones are It's Raining Men and Oaty Dreamy Creamy (which is the worst name ever for a product I mean come on).

The Greench Deodorant Powder: This has been the only deodorant for about a year now and I have no complaints! The loose powder format of this deodorant can be a bit messy but honestly that just doesn't bother me very much. I love that the powder provides a smooth and dry feeling on my skin and it keeps me smelling fresh all day. I also don't really notice the smell of this actual product throughout the day (which is sort of herbal) which I love because it doesn't compete with my fragrance or whatever other smelly stuff I'm wearing.